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The catalyst for quality of life.

Braden Archer

  • Description of the idea

    We live in a world today dominated by a primary care system that does not follow its own guidelines for preventative health measures and instead jumps to surgeries or prescription medications. 61% of back pain patients will be prescribed an opiate to combat the effects of back pain. CorrectiveTouch strives to provide patients with more in-depth knowledge of their overall health and the problems affecting them, empower individual responsibility in health, and eliminate unneeded solutions. CorrectiveTouch is an application that uses predictive analytics to diagnose the long-term systematic consequences resulting from a spinal diagnosis and customize post-treatment therapy using real-time data. The application will use a 3D model of the human body and skeletal system, which a doctor can explicitly manipulate to reduplicate the diagnosis observed within the patient. This manipulation will activate the algorithms and display the progressive muscular pain, cognitive and respiratory complications within the interactive model for the patient to understand why activities that promote quality of life are important. Diagnosed patients will have access to all of these materials through a patient portal application. this application will also be compatible with smart devices to measure sedentary data and offer real-time therapy suggestions to combat arising health concerns
  • Why is the timing right for your idea?

    Predictive analytics is an emerging technology that has been proven for medical use but has not yet been fully implemented. The society of actuaries conducted a study and concluded that 93% of medical workers believe predictive analytics is the future of healthcare, and 87% plan to or already have implemented it into their facilities. While it is still emerging into mainstream medical for uses such as cancer, problems like back pain have been left on the burner. Industries like chiropractic are 5-10 years behind the rest of the medical industry, making us the first to attempt using predictive analytics for back pain.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

    We are the first company in chiropractic to offer not only predictive analytics for custom therapies but also the first company to use predictive analytics to empower patient comprehension and understanding and bridge the untapped communication barriers between doctors and patients.

  • What will you do with $10,000?

    We will use this money to structure surveys for further primary research and better understand what chiropractors would like to see in the app and structure surveys for their patients to collect more data about their relationships with secondary healthcare workers. This can help build a bigger database for the predictive framework and refine the parameters within it.